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     February 7, 1918, James Norman Hall accepted his commission as a Captain in the United States Air Service after already serving England and France in the war before United States involvement.


     “When the United States entered World War I, Hall was made a Captain in the U.S. Air Force, was transferred to the 103 Aero Squadron and, shortly afterwards, to the 94th Aero Squadron (Hat in the Ring Squadron) as a wing commander.  He was Lt. Eddie Rickenbacker's commander at that time; Rickenbacker's first kill was a joint one with Captain Hall.  Captain James Norman Hall was later shot down and captured in Germany, though he escaped in the last days of the War.  From General Pershing, he received the Distinguished Service Cross.”


     Hall was an author during and following the war. He was born and raised in Colfax in 1887. He died at his home in Tahiti in 1951.

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