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This is a Packard organ purchased in Colfax, Iowa, from Sears and Roebuck by an aunt of Catherine Hill.  The aunt lived just west of Charlotte Hill Alderman's home.

In 1895, Catherine Hill, age 15, received this organ from her aunt.  Charlotte kept it until she passed away in 1952, at the age of 72.  Her daughter Nelly Daily had the organ in her home in Austin, Minnesota.

Nelly's brother Paul Hill died in 1988, and after his funeral Nelly and Paul's daughter Charlotte Hill Alderman were reminiscing about the good old days.  Soon after Aunt Nelly sent a letter to Charlotte asking if she would like the organ for her home, saying that "the organ would be coming home" to Colfax.

The organ had been in Charlotte Hill Alderman's home from 1988 until 2011, when it was donated to the Colfax Historical Society Museum.

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