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  • How much does it cost to rent the facility for a wedding?
    A cleaning and damage deposit for $250, and $700 for the facility's rental. Please refer to:
  • How big is the event room?
    The larger part of the community room is 59' from north to south and 49' from east to west. The smaller part is 27 1/2' from north to south and 20' from east to west.
  • How many round tables are at the building?
  • How big are the round tables
    60" in diameter
  • How many chairs fit at each round table?
    6 usually. Possibly 8.
  • How many rectangular tables are at the building?
    8 with 2 big wooden ones available
  • How big are the rectangular tables?
    24x96 ( 8 Feet )
  • How many chairs fit on each side of a rectangular table?
    6 on each side
  • How many chairs are in the building?
  • Can the chairs go outside of the building?
    No. You'll have to bring your own chairs to have an event outside of the building.
  • Can candles be used in the building?
  • Do you have a coffee maker?
    Yes. 4 total We have a 84-cup capacity coffee maker that works great. Plus two 30 cup pots And a 1 2 cup coffee maker
  • Does the community center have a sound or p.a. system?

10am - 2pm
Monthly on Second Saturday, year round 

Every Sunday, from Memorial Day through Labor Day:

2pm - 4pm

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