How big are the round tables

60" in diameter

How many round tables are at the building?


How many chairs fit at each round table?

6 usually. Possibly 8.

How many rectangular tables are at the building?


How big are the rectangular tables?

How many chairs fit on each side of a rectangular table?

6 on each side

How many chairs are in the building?


Can the chairs go outside of the building?

No. You'll have to bring your own chairs to have an event outside of the building.

Can candles be used in the building?


How big is the event room?

The larger part of the community room is 59' from north to south and 49' from east to west. The smaller part is 27 1/2' from north to south and 20' from east to west.

How much does it cost to rent the facility for a wedding?

Two checks are required: a cleaning and damage deposit for $250, and $600 for the facility's rental. Please refer to: https://www.colfaxiahistoricalsociety.com/rental-agreement.

Do you have a coffee maker?

Yes. We have a 84-cup capacity coffee maker that works great.

Does the community center have a sound or p.a. system?